Why I Should Never Get Dressed

Six days ago I did something absolutely DEVASTATING to me. I inadvertently deleted the WRONG Instagram account!  I meant to delete my Maker account and instead I deleted the account that I've had for years that had all of my followers and photos. 

I did everything I could do to get it back, but in case you weren't aware, Instagram barely exists anymore since it was bought by Facebook. There is no email you can write to or customer service at all. So, although I tried a ton of things, it was pretty apparent that it was gone for good.

Blessing in disguise

Well, it turns out that it might have even been a blessing in disguise. Now the people that decide to follow me aren't just following me because I'm a life coach, they are following me for ALL OF ME. And that feels really good. It's also changed a little bit the way I've been relating on Instagram. Which brings me to why it's better for my business if I never get dressed.

Since I was starting with another account, basically at zero, I thought I should let people get to know who they are seeing posts from each day, so I decided to introduce myself there. And since there's only about a 20% chance at most, that YOU saw that post, I'm sharing it here too.

Jammies only!

So, I posted this photo


And I wrote this:

Hi, I'm Laurie. I'm a hard-working (mostly in my jammies) kind of person. Some days I get up and shower, but that is SO RARE! Honestly, I feel like if I’m dressed I should probably go out and do things. It’s safer for me and my business to never get dressed!  I am married to the love of my life and he immediately jumps out of bed, showers and dresses in real clothes. He’s also much neater than me, although he has rubbed off on me over the years. We have been married 14 years and still text each other love notes all day long. He is without a doubt the best friend I have. We have three dogs and most days they equal parts drive me nuts and make me fall in love with them all over again. 

I want do accomplish so much in this life, but more than anything I want women to know they don’t have to do it all themselves, they can ask for help. Progress over perfection, love conquers all, and champagne is far and away the best invention ever.

So now you see why it's so much better for me never to get dressed!!! I get SO MUCH WORK done before ever even thinking about showering for the day!

Now, I would love to learn a little bit about you! Even if we know each other in real life (Hi mom! 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻) I would still love it if you told me something I might not know about you.

All of this can be so impersonal and I'd really like to know who is on the other side of this letter.

So, comment and introduce yourself!

Laurie Jacobsen

Graphic Designer, Life Coach and Maker. Living the dream in Tucson, Arizona.